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beach-houses-magazineBeach Houses have always been enjoyable for both renting and owning.  Of course owning is not always possible due to the high prices of oceanfront properties.

Why should you consider a beach house?

Life near the beach is simply amazing, with the wind blowing, waves crashing, and sea breezes right outside your window. Imagine waking up and within a few steps you are feeling the sand between your toes and sun shining on your face.

Family Options
Some of these beach front houses are very large and accommodating to large families. A family might rent a beach house and use their time at the home to relax and forget about the rest of the world, for a family reunion, or to celebrate a wedding or birth. Weekly and monthly rentals are usually available depending on the location and time of year.

Corporate Options
Corporations and business can use beach houses to impress clients, reward workers, and even provide relaxation and getaways for you staff. A rental can keep your costs lower while providing your employees or clients and amazing destination.

Enjoy these pictures.

Amazing Beach House

Luxury Beach  House

Another amazing beach house…
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